Freelance Journalist in Memphis, Tennessee 

Looking for a freelance journalist to add to your newsroom? Yates Communications has been a freelance news journalist since 2018. Beats have included finance and banking, business, arts & culture and food and sometimes handles as many assignments as a staff reporter.

“Christin is thorough, responsible and approaches every assignment professionally, thus making her a good representative for our organization in addition to being a valuable contributor. She has filled a void covering the financial sector for The Daily Memphian and has built in a short time a good reputation and stable of sources because of her work. A testament to that is the story pitches she frequently gets from sources.

Accuracy, making deadlines and clean writing are essential qualities of a good freelance writer, and Christin hits on all three. Her production and range stand out. It is not uncommon for her to produce as many articles in a given week as a staff reporter a nd she completes articles consistently well that range from community features to the latest Beige Book report. She’s an asset we rely on at The Daily Memphian.


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